Making Immediate, Measurable, and Traceable GHG Reductions because they need to happen

Crbon Labs is empowering individuals and corporations to reduce GHG emissions by shutting down low-producing oil and gas wells.

Our Solution

Bringing stakeholders together for Sustainability. Done right.


We equip each well with measurement and IoT technology so you know the specific impact of shutting down each well.

Permanent Reductions

We shut down wells permanently, thereby paving the way for natural ecosystems like meadows, forests, and agricultural land to thrive.


We use blockchain to digitally record data on well location, emissions, shutdown, restoration, and Green House Gas (GHG) reductions.

Immediate Impact

Unlike other GHG reduction solutions proposed in the Roadmap to Netzero 2050, Crbon Labs help reduce CO₂e emissions in months, not years. Every day counts.


Every tonne of carbon that we reduce is one additional tonne that won’t be emitted in the future.


The power to save the planet should not lie with just Governments and special interest groups. We empower you to do your part in reducing the global CO₂e emissions.

1B tonnes
of CO2

World must remove by 2025

- Reuters

As the world rapidly exhausts its carbon budget, there is growing momentum toward decarbonization of the global economy.

- McKinsey

Emissions reduction solutions.

About Us

Meet the Founders

Cory Bergh, Founder, President & CEO


Cory has over 27 years of experience, most recently as Vice President, Technology & Innovation at NAL Resources, an oil and gas company, including Executive Leader and Sponsor for Digital Transformation and Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies. Cory developed his financial and management skills in the venture capital, real estate, government, and insurance industries.

Andrea Cherkas, Founder, Director

BSc Chemical Engineering

An executive and entrepreneur, Andrea has over 30 years international experience in marketing, business management and innovation with Fortune 500 enterprises to start-ups across the petrochemical, distribution, technology and automotive sectors. Andrea is Managing Director at ClearPATH Business, leading their Digital Transformation and Marketing practices, helping clients successfully drive growth.

Keith Steeves, Founder, Chairman


Keith has over 40 years experience, most recently as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), NAL Resources, an oil and gas producer, and has held international CFO, VP Finance and Director Information Management positions in private and public companies spanning the technology, distribution, venture capital and energy sectors, where he has successfully led organizations through turn arounds, expansions, acquisitions and attracting investment. 

$503 billion

was invested into reducing CO₂e in 2020 alone.

Yet, carbon emissions are still increasing. Now is the time for innovative solutions that actually work.

- Forbes